Allison Hewitt Is Trapped by Madeleine Roux. Published 2010

This book is a little different from what I usually read, but I like to read books that have a Wisconsin connection. The author Madeleine Roux went to Beloit College and started a fiction blog which is the basis for this book. The main character Allison is a graduate student in Madison and working at a bookstore when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. She is able to connect to the Snet—a secret military emergency Internet—when she can find electricity to recharge her laptop computer and write her blog. Each blog posting is a chapter, and comments on the blog from other people are at the end of each chapter. Allison and her co-workers and two customers take refuge in a back room. This is the best part of the book. At one point Allison makes a run for food and just can’t help from grabbing a couple of books too! She has an ax which she found with emergency fire supplies and uses it to dispatch zombies. Later, Allison makes it to the arena on campus where she meets Collin who is leading a group of survivors. Allison wants to find her mother and eventually takes off for “Liberty Village” where she believes her mother was headed. Most of the characters are in their twenties and so use the kind of language that is common among that age group. I enjoyed this book but it is not for everyone—lots of people die, get wounded, or are overtaken by zombies. But then again, people who want to read books about zombies have different expectations than people who want to read cozy stories, historical fiction, or gentle romances. So with that said, I liked Allison’s determination and witty sarcasm, the blog form of the book, and the references to Madison, and I enjoyed the book!


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