Dance Instruction at Your Library

When you think of services your library provides, do you think of dance instruction? No?

Well, the FDLPL has instructions for the chicken dance available.

A little secret of libraries is that we get asked the same questions over and over. Eventually, we often write down resources and answers to these FAQs in order to better help you. While browsing through some of these questions, I found instructions for the chicken dance. They are typed (yes, on a typewriter) on an old card catalog card and read:

Form Circle--start slow

1. Bird like motion with hands-- 4 times
2. Flap arms like chicken-- 4 times
3. Go down bending knees while swaying hips-- 4 counts
4. Clap hands-- 4 times
5. Hold hands and walk around in circle
6. Repeat 4 times, going faster each time

If that isn't enough for you, there is always this instructional video, courtesy of the Lawrence Welk Show:

See video

Happy dancing!

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