Sudden Spin Causes New Appreciation for Reading

I just had an inner ear infection which causes a spinning sensation, dizziness, loss of balance and nausea. I also found it hard to focus and concentrate and therefore hard to read. This episode made me appreciate being able to read. Reading is important to understanding your health and doing the right thing to get better. But even more, I missed reading fiction. Fiction is a part of my life and has been a part of every human’s life. Think of all of those children’s bedtime stories, ancient sagas and myth, campfire stories, novels, and adventure tales. Even much of our nonfiction such as biography and history are like fiction in that they are stories, although true stories. Those stories help us forget our problems or spur us to do something about a problem. Fiction is not just entertainment, but all those stories help us to make sense of life! Well… I have to go now and find a good book to read. Let’s see. Should I try romance, mystery, suspense, something inspirational, or a literary classic?


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