Why do you read?

There is no doubt about it – I LOVE TO READ. It doesn't matter if it is a book, a magazine, or newspaper; reading is my passion. For me, a perfect afternoon is sitting at home on my porch, book in hand, and dog at my side (and no mosquitoes, of course). Someone asked me the other day why I read so much. I thought for a bit, and then replied "because I love to learn". Even though the majority of what I read is fiction, I still learn something. For example, I just finished reading the paperback book Home Again by Mariah Stewart. The setting is in St. Dennis, Maryland, a small seaside town on the shores of Chesapeake Bay. Mariah Stewart is the kind of author whose writing allows you to picture the town, the colorful characters, and the little ice cream shop on the boardwalk. In a way, reading is a form of traveling for me. Reading this book was like taking a mini vacation to the seashore.

Another learning experience was reading The Search by Nora Roberts. The story line revolves around the raising and training of search and rescue dogs, with a little romance thrown in for good measure, of course. It was Nora Roberts after all. I never knew how much was involved in the raising and training of these four-legged heroes or what goes on behind the scenes of a search and rescue mission. Being a dog lover myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and came away with a greater respect for the importance of how this program works. It doesn't matter if it is historical novels, true crime, or chick-lit; if the author knows their stuff, every book can be a learning experience.

Ok - now it's your turn. Why do you love to read?

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