Werewolves and Romance?

Who knew werewolves could be sexy? The paperback Werewolf in Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson puts a whole new spin on steamy romances. The story unfolds as Emma Gavin, bestselling author, is being stalked by some crazy guy who claims he is a werewolf. Even though her novels are about werewolves, Emma doesn't really believe they exist. That is - until she meets one in person. Aidan Wallace just happens to be the wealthy and prominent Manhattan werewolf pack leader's son and heir. He pretends to be her bodyguard in order to get close to her. Why? His pack believes someone is leaking their secrets to Emma. Her books give details that only a true werewolf would know. Emma has no idea that what her active imagination comes up with is almost right on. Aidan tries to fight his instant attraction to her, but even her scent causes him to start "shifting" into wolf form. I am not a big fan of paranormal but this book had me hooked from the first few pages. The perfect combination of funny, steamy, and sexy, Werewolf in Manhattan is the first in the Wild About You series. I can't wait to read the next one!


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