Big Guy Hats getting attention

Wisconsin is in a state of sports nirvana. The Packers and Badgers are undefeated, and the Brewers are battling the Diamondbacks in the playoffs.

So it’s no surprise that the Fond du Lac Public Library display of Jeff Kahlow’s Big Guy Hats is getting a lot of attention. Kahlow’s giant, outrageous foam fan headgear has been featured on national and regional media for years. And through October, fans can visit the library display of 22 hats and 34 photos that showcases the depth of Kahlow’s talent and inventiveness. There’s the 30-inch-tall foam Super Bowl Trophy hat, the Frozen Tundra cheese wedge and Bart Starr’s muscleman hat.

On Saturday, CBS Sports filmed more than an hour’s worth of footage of the library display. Unfortunately, if you blinked during coverage of Sunday’s game, you missed it.

But on Wednesday, Justin Williams of Fox 6 News of Milwaukee filmed a segment featuring Kahlow and his creations that aired on that evening’s 6 p.m. news. Williams pointed out that the display is part of the library’s Fond du Lac Reads program, which all month is celebrating the book, “When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi,” by David Maraniss.

Throughout October, the library will feature programming that echoes themes and ideas in the book. Included is a special “Meet the Author” event on Thursday, October 13, at the Windhover Center for the Arts. And Kahlow will present “Jeff Kahlow and the Big Guy Hats Story,” on Wednesday, October 19, at the library. Details about these events are available on our Calendar. Or call the Help Desk at (920) 929-7080, ext. 131.


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