Romance Readers Unite!

We romance readers take a lot of heat for our love of the genre, and now there is a book that proves all those critics wrong - Everything I Know about Love I Learned from Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell. This book was a stitch! Co-founder of one of the top romance blogs,, Sarah combines her own views, quotes from famous authors, and from romance readers like us to explain why the romance genre is so popular – to the tune of over a billion dollars annually. Filled with fun facts and hilarious quotes; from 'The Six Simple Steps to Looking Like the Quintessential Romance Hero' (mullets, partial undress, muscles and all), to a list of scenarios that always prove successful (betrothed since birth and hate each other, she's a werewolf, or he's undead, immortal, or just wants to kill her), Sarah proves that romances are complex and emotionally driven tales of courtship, not just fluff and bulging bodices.

Check out the handy 'shopping list' at the back of the book that lists the titles of the books quotes were taken from.
What a fun read - I chuckled all the way through!

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