5-year-old spends allowance money for the library

Five-year-old Ben Johnson has come all the way from Grand Prairie, Texas, to do a good deed in Fond du Lac.

While in town with his mother, Tracy Johnson, to visit Grandpa and Nana Bob and Elaine Stogsdill, Ben came to the Children’s Room at the Fond du Lac Public Library.

He was happy to find a play area complete with an area rug printed with roads, houses and trees. But where were the cars? Ben and his family were told the library’s supply of cars had, over time, “walked away.” Ben didn’t like the sound of that. So the kindergartner decided to spend $20 of his hard-earned allowance to buy cars and trucks for everyone to enjoy in the play area.

“Ben gets an allowance for doing small chores around the house. He gets 25 cents a chore,” said mom. “He gets to spend a third, save a third and put a third away for helping others.”

So on Wednesday, Ben bought 80 chores’ worth of trucks and cars and brought them to the library.

“We’re very proud of him,” Tracy Johnson said.

So is everyone at the Fond du Lac Public Library.




I wish I had been as generous when I was a kid. His parents are doing something right. Great story!

Ef Rodriguez

Me too!

Good parenting in action - and a child with a very good heart. I'm going to suggest this to my siblings for their grandkids. What a great way to raise a child.

Thank you, Ben Johnson

What a wonderful little boy! A nice article to read right before Thanksgiving.

Amazing! What a great kid.

Amazing! What a great kid.

Ben Johnson

We're so proud of you! Happy Thanksgiving!
Mamaw and Pawpaw Johnson

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