Kids donate their St. Nicks money

It's the season for giving. Jonathan, 6, and Arianna, 9, stopped by the Fond du Lac Public Library Children’s Desk on December 13 to give Children's Coordinator Julia Cartwright each a five-dollar bill. The kids were following a family tradition handed down by their father, Mike Korb, of donating what they received on St. Nicholas Day. Mom Stephanie Korb gave the children a handful of options, and they chose the Children’s Room at the library. Why the library?

“They always can use extra books,” Arianna said. She also said she hopes the money will help other children.

Both kids, students at St. Mary’s Springs Academy, said they love to read. Arianna loves chapter books and books about horses. Jonathan likes books about baseball.

“What a terrific example these children and their parents are setting,” said Cartwright. “They really made my day.”



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