How to download e-books to Kindle

  1. Visit on your computer and click on OverDrive Media
  2. Select Fond du Lac Public Library and enter your library card and PIN numbers
  3. Browse and select a Kindle-compatible title. Click Add to My Cart.
  4. Proceed to Check Out
  5. Select Loan Period of 7, 14 or 21 days
  6. Click Get for Kindle
  7. Click Get Library Book
  8. Enter email address and password used to authorize your Kindle device in Amazon
  9. Click Continue. This should deliver the title wirelessly to your device.

Kindle Fire users: Complete these steps, then turn wireless off and back on to find your title.

Need help? Call the Fond du Lac Public Library Reference Desk at (920) 322-3930.


I use a kindle fire and have

I use a kindle fire and have tried to download some audiobooks to my kindle. I cant seem to do the same here. I have downloaded music and some other audiobooks (like public domain by doing a google search) Why doesn't this work?

Downloading to Kindle Fire

The best thing to do is to call the Reference Desk - 920 322 3930 - during library hours (9am-8pm M-F; 9am-6pm Fri; 9am-4pm Sat; noon-4pm Sun). They're our e-book download experts and can walk you through your situation.

returning books?

How do I return a book I checked out on ebooks?

How to return an e-book

Returning e-books varies depending on your device. For the most part, you'll see either a small triangle next to the cover, an "options" button, or when you hold your finger on the cover, a list of options will appear. One of these will be "return and delete." This will return the book to the OverDrive pool and take it off your device.
Just a reminder that unless you are at your 10 book limit and want to check out more, you don't HAVE to manually return e-books. They automatically are returned on their due date. No late fees possible!
If you have a particular question about your device, call us at the Reference Desk at 322-3930. Hope this helps!

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