Get Engaged (or Outraged) with "Time for Outrage"

Time for Outrage is a book written by a ninety something Frenchman. So why should you pick it up? This slim little book doesn’t look like much and only takes about 30 minutes to read, but it is both an inspiration and a history lesson in one. Hessel was a member of the French Resistance in World War II, worked closely with the postwar French government, and helped to craft the UN Declaration of Human Rights. This book, written in his nineties, is a call to younger generations to get engaged in their communities and government. By relating the way that he came to be a part of the Resistance, and how its ideals have shaped his view of government, society, and justice, Hessel makes his story more than just an old man lecturing today’s youth. The book references the Arab Spring and ties in to the growing protest movements worldwide.

While short, this book (translated from the French) is certainly worth a look. It will definitely make you think and question your own role and attitudes. In addition, it is a fascinating look at 20th century history. Give "Time for Outrage" a chance and see our current situation from the eyes of someone who has had a front seat to modern history. 


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