Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, this post is dedicated to my love of romance novels. I admit it. I am an incurable romantic. I love that light-headed, stomach dropping, lump-in-your-throat feeling you get when the man you love says something sweet, does something silly that touches your heart. What do I look for in a good romance novel? I want my heart to flutter, I want to laugh....and cry too.... It's the excitement of the chase and the capture. There is a beginning, a conflict, crises and obstacles, a climax, a turning point, and a conclusion. Emotions are important; loss, jealousy, sadness, disappointment, pining away, wishing, hoping, desiring, taking a chance. I want to not only root for the main characters, but even fall in love with them. Bestselling author Nora Roberts sums up the genre, saying "The books are about the celebration of falling in love and emotion and commitment, and all of those things we really want." But for me - romance novels prove that love still exists and conquers all. Now, tell me what you love about romance novels.

Bestselling romance authors to try:

Nora Roberts, Julie Garwood, Linda Howard, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Judith McNaught, Mary Jo Putney, Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Lowell, LaVyrle Spencer, Jennifer Crusie


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