LearningExpress Library--a hidden gem

We seem to be a culture obsessed with self-improvement. And for good reason—a better skill set, a new certification, a good education can help you land a new job or a promotion. The library is committed to helping job seekers, whether through our Opportunity Center, JobSmart and MoneySmart classes, or by providing resources that help you advance personally and professionally. One of those resources is the LearningExpress Library (provided by Badgerlink). LearningExpress addresses diverse educational needs: K-12, college prep, GED prep, workplace skills, computer skills, a variety of practice tests (including occupational tests), and citizenship tests.

This may seem overwhelming, and it can be. Luckily, LearningExpress is organized into 12 categories. After you select the category (such as Skill Building for Adults) you will see the courses offered.

Test preparation—whether it be the ACTs, SATs, GRE, GED, or an occupational test—can be really expensive. (Plus, our library copies of those prep books get stolen a lot. Shame on you library thieves!) LearningExpress has, you guessed it, FREE test preparation, including practice tests. There are also general tips on test taking and college admission.

Even if you’re currently employed and enjoy your job, I highly recommend exploring LearningExpress Library. The offerings are so vast that you’ll find something that will improve your skills. They even have personal finance tips—and who doesn’t need a little help in that area? Besides, constant learning and self-improvement are a part of our cultural makeup.

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