I've Got Your Number

Sometimes, a girl just needs a little chick-lit to lift her spirits, and who better than Sophie Kinsella to deliver the goods with her latest bestseller I've Got Your Number.

This is a hilarious, laugh out loud funny book that is perfect for a vacation read or a weekend escape from reality. Poppy Wyatt is your average, on top of the world engaged woman - until she loses the only thing in the world she was not supposed to lose. Her engagement ring. To make matters worse, the magnificent emerald and diamond ring has been in her fiancé's family for three generations. She tells herself not to panic. Besides, everyone she can find who works at the hotel restaurant where she lost it has her cell number. Someone will call and all will be right in the world. Sure... until someone steals her cell phone right out of her hand. As luck would have it, moments later she finds a perfectly good discarded cell phone in a nearby trash bin. Desperate to leave a contact number with the hotel in case the ring is found, she gives them the number from the discarded cell phone. The phone turns out to be a company phone belonging to the personal assistant of businessman Sam Roxton and is constantly receiving texts and emails. When Sam calls the phone, demanding to know who has it, Poppy convinces him that she NEEDS to keep the phone and promises to forward all emails and messages to Sam. He reluctantly agrees, and the arrangement works, despite their two very different styles of communication. Sam cringes at Poppy's obsession with smiley faces and Poppy shudders at Sam's two-word responses - and that's when he even bothers to answer an e-mail. So Poppy decides to make herself useful by answering his e-mail for him. Uh-oh......

The saga of Poppy and Sam is not only hilariously funny, but touching as well. They both find out their personal strengths and weaknesses, and the book comes to a very satisfying conclusion. Isn't that what chick-lit is all about?

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