Ever Choose a Book By Its Cover?

Maybe it was all the hot, humid weather we had been experiencing, but as I was browsing the Lucky Day shelves the other day I took one look at the pretty green gingham patterned dress on the cover of the new novel by Joshilyn Jackson, A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty, and it just seemed like the perfect summer read. I love reading books about the south and this one takes you right into the heart of Mississippi and its unique culture. A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty is about 3 generations of women: Big (Ginny), Little (Liza), and Mosey Slocumb. Every 15 years they are cursed. When Big was 15 she had Liza, and Liza had Mosey when she was 15. Another 15th year has come, and so far Mosey is safely out of trouble. And then Liza has a stroke. When a mysterious box containing the bones of an infant is unearthed in the backyard, so are the hidden secrets of each Slocumb woman. Told from the rotating perspective of three generations of women--grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter, the story is thought-provoking and makes the reader really think about what is morally right, but not necessarily legal. Though the plot is serious, the book is filled with fun phrases like; "She gathered all my flailing pieces one by one and tucked them into herself, like my body was made up of fifty different upset ducklings" and "I swear, Mosey, you could suck the fun out of a puppy". I am sure glad I chose this one by its cover.


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