Strange...But Worth Reading

Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson is one of the strangest, funniest, and yet, saddest stories I have ever read. Growing up poor in rural Wall, Texas, and spending her whole life being pegged as "that weird girl", the author shares her life story in her own unique, rambling style. Once I started reading I just couldn't stop. Living surrounded by people who were just as poor, her childhood did not seem all that weird. Her parents never said they could not afford things, just that they did not need them. So what if at times they shared their house with eight baby raccoons or that their father thought it funny to make a puppet out of a dead squirrel? With family photos scattered throughout the book, some of the more bizarre stories are (mostly) believable. As an adult, Jenny is diagnosed with leukemia but she doesn't dwell on that. The book is more about her diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder, which explains her rambling conversations with herself and some of her strange behavior. For example, during dinner parties or social events she usually says hello to the hostess and then hides in the bathroom until the party's over. This is preferable to her trying to have a conversation with someone, panicking, and blurting out stories like the time she accidentally swallowed a needle, or her theory that Lincoln died from a lot of people sticking their unwashed fingers into his bullet hole. Did I mention she is married and has a daughter? The story of her and Victor's courtship and marriage, and the eventual birth of their daughter Hailey provide even more laugh-out-loud moments. By the end of the book you will probably look at your own life and realize how fortunate you are. Some may find the language a bit offensive, but this one is definitely worth reading.

Known for her hysterically warped outlook on life, Jenny Lawson is famously known as the "Bloggess" and has her own award winning and popular blog at (

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