Silver Sparks by Starr Ambrose

Silver Sparks by Starr Ambrose is a contemporary romance with lots of "sparks". The story begins with Maggie Larkin being groped by arrogant Hollywood playboy Rafael de Luca (Rafe) in a posh Alpine ski resort in Two Bears Mountain, Colorado. Little does he know that he picked the wrong fiery redhead to try and dazzle with his so-called irresistible charms. When grinding her three-inch heels into his toes doesn't work to fend off his unwanted attentions, Maggie is left no choice but to drive her palm up into his perfect, surgically enhanced, nose to get her point across. Enter Cal Drummond, Oklahoma police officer, who is in town running his own undercover investigation of Rafe de Luca, the man he suspects of murdering his stepsister, Julie, in L.A. Cal comes to Maggie's rescue when Rafe's bodyguard draws a gun and the adoring crowd surrounding them is outraged that someone hit their beloved Hollywood star. What happens next sets off a chain of events involving the power of wealth and fame in a small town, the bonds of family, and, of course, the rocky road to true love. The ending was a bit surprising, but the author throws in plenty of adventure leading up to it. Contemporary romance fans should give this author a try. Located in the paperback section, Starr Ambrose also wrote Thieves Like Us, and watch for Gold Fire, her newest title coming out in November.

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