Romantic thriller with a paranormal twist

Like so many other authors, Karen Robards decided to follow the popular paranormal route in her latest novel, Last Victim. Charlotte "Charlie" Stone is a psychologist studying serial killers for the Department of Justice. She is definitely qualified for this profession because as a teenager she was the only survivor of a killer known as the Boardwalk Killer. Having witnessed her friend's family brutally murdered, Charlie has since dedicated her life to finding out what makes these killers do what they do. Her latest subject of interest is Michael Garland, the charismatic, sexy serial killer on death row for the brutal murder of seven women. He claims he's innocent, but DNA proves otherwise. Can he convince her of his innocence?

What adds an interesting twist to the story is that Dr. Charlie Stone has the ability to see and communicate with the spirits of certain violently murdered victims. When Michael Garland is killed by a fellow inmate in front of Charlie's eyes, his spirit becomes one of those she can communicate with. And, does she ever communicate. As the story continues, the FBI asks for Charlie's help when, fifteen years since the first killings, it appears there is a copycat to the Boardwalk Killer. Families with teenage daughters are being savagely murdered and their teenage daughters abducted, eerily similar to what happened to Charlie as a teenager. The girls' bodies are usually found within a week after the murders. Now there is a missing girl who may only have a few days left to live. Can Charlie help catch this copycat killer in time to save the girl, and what happens when the Boardwalk Killer turns his attention on Charlie?

Filled with multiple twists and turns, along with several steamy paranormal encounters between Charlie and Michael, this novel keeps you guessing right to the last page. First in a new paranormal romantic thriller series, Last Victim is the perfect pre-Halloween read.


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