If you like Stuart Woods....

Fans of Stuart Woods might enjoy reading the latest novel by Randy Wayne White titled Gone. The greatest similarity between the two authors is the Florida setting, followed by the smooth flowing dialogue. Known for his Doc Ford novels, in which Ford is a marine biologist and sometime investigator, this new novel by White introduces a stunning new character, Hannah Smith. She is a descendant of the legendary Florida Smith women - Sarah, known as the 'Ox Woman' and Hannah, known as 'Big Six'. Described as big, beautiful, and strong, Hannah works as a fishing guide in the Gulf Coast and Sanibel Island area, having inherited the business from her late uncle. She also inherited his small private investigation business which she must resurrect when she is hired by one of her wealthy fishing charter clients to locate his missing niece. But, does the missing woman really want to be found?

Gone takes us into the dark side of the Florida wealthy and their pleasures - and those who prey upon them. Descriptions of the area, the fishing, the people and settings are detailed and really bring the book to life. The plot is quick and suspenseful, with lots of action, and White includes his Doc Ford character as a love interest for Hannah for those fans who may be missing him.


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