Last Man by Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn is an author I turn to when I am in the mood for action and suspense. Last Man, the author's latest installment in the Mitch Rapp series, was just what I was looking for. It is a fast paced thriller set in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and as in other books in this series, it highlights numerous challenges faced by Mitch Rapp as a CIA operative. And, I do mean numerous. First, the head of CIA operations in Afghanistan is kidnapped and his bodyguards executed. Next, Mitch uncovers a global plot to discredit the United States and expose many of the CIA's hidden secrets. Then, to make matters worse, he finds himself the target of an assassination attempt and a false accusation of laundering CIA funds. But even life threatening injuries do not stop our illustrious hero. The non-stop action continues when Mitch uncovers more plots to undermine the CIA, one at home from a senior senator and one abroad from a high ranking member of the Pakistani intelligence service. Last Man gives the reader an eye opening glimpse into the reality of current events in our world and what may or may not be going on behind the scenes.

Fans of Tom Clancy may want to give this author a try.

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