E-book downloading FAQs

1. Do I have to be in the library to download e-books to my e-reader?

No. Most items can be downloaded wirelessly to your device from Overdrive anywhere there's a wireless connection.

2. Can I do it all from my device?

That depends on what device you own. Currently the e-readers that do not require a computer are: Kindle Fire and Fire HD, iPad, Smart phones, Nook HD and Nook Color and Android tablets. You must have your own computer to download to other e-readers.

3. Do I need a library card?

Yes you need a valid library account number and PIN. If your library card begins 29044, select Fond du Lac Public Library as your library when you sign in. If your library card begins with another number sequence, select the Winnefox library that issued the card to you. You may stop at the Main Desk to open a Fond du Lac Public Library account or call us at (920) 929-7080 option 1 to update your card.

4. How do I return the e-books when I'm done?

Kindle users sign in to Amazon.com and open "Manage Your Kindle." There is an action button for each title which can be used to "Return and delete." For most other devices, open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and right click on the icon for the book.

5. How many e-books can I have checked out at once?

You may have 10 Overdrive items checked out and 10 on hold at any time. This includes e-books, audiobooks, video and music.

6. Why do I have to place a hold and wait for some titles?

Publishers set the rules as to how many people may use an e-book at once. Most often publishers require the library to have one copy for each user. All the public libraries in Wisconsin share a giant e-book collection.

7. Why don't you have my favorite author in the collection?

Some publishers only offer their e-books for individual sale and don't allow libraries to lend their titles, so we're limited to what's available to us. Also, publishers charge libraries more for e-books for lending than what the public is charged for private use. Our funds are limited, but each year we have allocated a greater percentage toward this very popular format. 

8. I'm having trouble. Who can help me?

Call or stop in at the Reference Desk, and staff will be happy to help - (920) 929-7080 option 3; we are located on the second floor, across from the elevator.

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