A book to celebrate Irish storytelling

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, so here is a fun book to celebrate Irish storytelling. The Pig Did It by Joseph Caldwell is the first book in a humorous trilogy set in present day Ireland. The main character, Aaron McCloud, goes to Ireland from New York to see his Aunt Kitty and brood about his bad luck in love. Aunt Kitty is close to Aaron’s age and writes “corrected’ versions of classic novels. On the bus to Kitty’s house, some loose pigs are blocking the road, and Aaron helps round them up only to find himself stranded with a pig no one claims. Lolly McKeever is the owner of the loose pigs, and Aaron becomes smitten with Lolly. While at Aunt Kitty’s, the pig roots up the skeleton of Declan Tovey. Kitty says Lolly is the murderer. Lolly says Kieran Sweeney is the murderer, and Sweeney says Kitty is the murderer. A fun, charming, humorous story with eccentric characters. This is a good book for people who enjoy Patrick Taylor’s Irish country series.

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