Lisa Scottoline Writes Humor?

I am a huge Lisa Scottoline fan. Her suspense novels are fabulous and keep me guessing to the very last page. Who knew she could also write humor? Scottoline and her daughter, Francesca Serritella, teamed up to put together one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. Titled Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim, the book caught my eye on the new nonfiction shelves the other day and I read it last night from cover to cover. It is hilarious!

One of the great things about this book is that you can read it straight through or just randomly pick chapters to enjoy. The stories are both funny and touching, but always true to life. Lisa Scottoline and her daughter say the things we think and feel but don't write down. I love that they can find humor in mundane life events. It's also the kind of book you'll find yourself reading aloud to whoever is sitting next to you. And while it's hard to pick a favorite in the bunch, you are guaranteed non-stop laughs as you read about Lisa's escapades with her elderly mother [Mother Mary], and the random quirkiness of her adorable, disobedient pets. Any of us who sit or sleep with our cats and dogs will see ourselves in "Doggie Universe", where you would never, ever, disturb the cat or dog by moving from the bed, or getting up from the chair. I can certainly relate to that in my home!

Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim is the third in the Scottoline and Serritella collection of humourous essay collections. Most chapters are spin-offs of "Chick Wit" columns they write weekly for the Philadelphia Inquirer. I will definitely read the others in the collection; Best Friends, Occasional Enemies, My Nest Isn't Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space, and Why My Third Husband will Be a Dog. Kirkus Reviews describe these books as "Erma Bombeck for mothers and daughters, with a zesty Italian twist". I recommend these for anyone looking for a quick, uplifting read.


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