Storytime guidelines

The goal of FDL Library Storytimes is to introduce and develop a love of reading and learning to children.

Our storytellers help your children develop essential pre-reading skills and pre-classroom skills. We want to help your children become first-rate, excited readers and excel in school.

Storytime uses books, songs, puppets and other activities specially chosen for your child’s age group. Our storytellers use a variety of techniques and ideas to stimulate early literacy skills. While programs change weekly, we purposely repeat songs and books so they become familiar, comforting and easy to follow.

For many children, Storytime is their first organized group activity. Storytime sessions help develop social skills; children begin to understand that others are involved. Storytime teaches them how to take turns, share, follow directions, listen in a group and make friends.

As your child’s earliest and best teacher, the most important ingredient you add is your enthusiasm for reading and learning.

To make the most of the Storytime learning experience:

Talk about Storytime before coming. Because Storytime is often the child’s first group experience, it can be intimidating. Parents play a key role in making the sessions stress-free by talking beforehand about taking turns, listening, sharing and paying attention. Let your child know that someone will be reading stories to a large group of children and adults.

Arriving on time ensures that you and your child can get a good seat, get settled and get in a frame of mind to enjoy the fun from start to finish.

Model good listening and participation ...

... turn phones off; turn imagination on

... hold off on parent conversations until after

... show you’re ready to participate

Kids are wiggly. Our Storytimes are built for active kids, but everyone has bad days. If your child becomes too distracted or upset, leaving early is fine. You could try again in a few minutes or on another day.

Talk with library staff. If you have questions or concerns about how your child is doing in Storytime, just ask. If you want book suggestions, want to know what we’re reading and singing, if you can’t find a book — please ask us. We’re here to make your library experience as meaningful and fulfilling as possible. Email [email protected] or call the Children's Desk at (920) 322-3940.

We congratulate you! Bringing your child to Storytime proves you understand how incredibly powerful reading is to your child’s future.



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