Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

If you like books featuring animal/human relationships such as those by James Herriot, Susan Wilson, and W. Bruce Cameron, or if you like books with quirky characters, humor, and a touch of romance such as those by Fannie Flagg and Anne Tyler, then you probably would enjoy this warm and fuzzy debut novel from a veterinarian who wrote two memoirs, Tell Me Where It Hurts and Love Is the Best Medicine.

 Cyrus is returning to his hometown of Eden Falls, Vermont to take over his deceased father’s veterinary clinic, Beside Manor for Sick Animals. Cyrus had been estranged from his father Robert Cobb for 15 years. He is bitter that his father never had time for him as a child. He was very close to his mother who was a veterinary pathologist, and when Cyrus received his veterinary degree, he went into that line of work as well. After she died, Cyrus even changed his name to Mills, his mother’s maiden name. Cyrus’s father was a beloved veterinarian in the community but not a good businessman so the clinic has deep financial problems. Cyrus has his own financial problems. He was fired from his job in South Carolina after a dispute and has legal fees because of it. The quirky characters who play a role in Cyrus’s eventual self-realization include: wise Fielding Lewis who is the other veterinarian in the practice; the Golden Retriever Frieda Fuzzypaws who is presumed lost but really isn’t; a pregnant teen and her equally pregnant cat; Crystal Haggerty and her underwear-eating black Labrador Retriever Puck; feisty waitress Amy; the chain-smoking office manager Doris; elderly Harry Carp and his female dog Clint who was named for Clint Eastwood; and Ginny Weidmeyer, a wealthy woman with a much younger fiancé and her cat named Chelsea.


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