Robyn Carr Has a New Book Series

Robyn Carr is one of those contemporary romance authors I just never get tired of reading, and her new book The Wanderer is an amazing start to her new Thunder Point series. I loved her long running Virgin River series, and I am happy to report this new book had all the elements I have come to expect from this author - small town charm, quirky characters, wonderful romance, and a little mystery thrown in for good measure. As the story line progressed and I met each character, I found myself identifying them with people I know, or know of, in real life. I think this new series will be just as wonderful as her others.

The story takes place in Thunder Point, a small community nestled on the Orange Coast in Oregon. Hunky and free spirited, Hank Cooper is the type of man who doesn't stay in one place very long. He heads to Thunder Point after his friend Ben dies unexpectedly and leaves him a piece of property on the beach. Once he gets there, Hank can't help but fall in love with this remote little town, and the property he inherits turns out to be the key to saving the town from hungry developers. He soon befriends Landon Dupre, a teenage football player who is being relentlessly bullied. Landon introduces Hank to his sister Sarah, a beautiful and very complicated woman full of charm who is also guardian of her younger brother. Hank and Sarah seem like a very unlikely pair, but there is no denying the chemistry between the emotionally unavailable man and the emotionally scarred woman. Besides Hank and Sarah, there are three more couples, all of different generations, which I fell in love with as I read this heartwarming tale. Besides great romance, there are plenty of real life issus in this one. It has just the right amounts of mystery, friendly community, pets, along with a dash of humor in some scenes. All of these elements are what makes Robyn Carr such a wonderful storyteller.

The Wanderer is an easy read with characters that you can't help but like. There is the romance angle of course, but I also liked that there was a little mystery thrown in with Ben's death - and there was a twist in that story line which I didn't see coming. What a great summer read!

Be sure to watch for The Newcomer, the second in this awesome series, due out June 25, 2013.

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