Tell Me by Lisa Jackson

It is hard to believe the month of July is almost over. Much of my summer has been spent reading light, romantic and fun books, but to be good at reader's advisory you have to be willing to read out of your "comfort zone" once in a while. Tell Me by Lisa Jackson is about as opposite of light, romantic and fun as you can get. Both thrilling and terrifying, Jackson's latest takes you on a suspenseful ride filled with both venomous snakes and creepy characters. Reading this one made me want to sleep with the lights on!

Savannah Sentinel reporter and true-crime author, Nikki Gillette, is looking for fodder for her next bestseller. She hits the jackpot when the most hated woman in all of Savannah, Blondell O'Henry, is about to be released from jail. Convicted of murdering her pregnant teenage daughter, Amity, and shooting her two younger children, Blondell has spent the last several years behind bars, where most folks feel she belongs. This heinous crime was up close and personal for Nikki because she was Amity's best friend and to this day feels responsible, in her own way, for Amity's death. What no one knows is that Amity called Nikki that night and pleaded with her to come to the cabin where her family was staying because she had a secret she needed to tell. But Nikki fell asleep and never made it. When she woke the next day her best friend was dead.

The reason for Blondell O'Henry's immediate release is the recanting of key prosecution testimony of none other than one of the victims himself, Niall O'Henry, now a grown man. He claims he was mistaken when he pointed his finger at his mother in the courtroom and whispered, "Mommy shot Amity". His recanting throws the case wide open to investigation, and in charge of the case is detective Pierce Reed, who just happens to be Nikki's fiancé. Everyone involved seems to have secrets, from Blondell's old boyfriend and his creepy, snake-handling in-laws, to the cop who led the original investigation. Now the killing has begun again. Is Amity's murderer still out there, or is this a new, even darker danger? How can Nikki plan her wedding to Pierce while her life may be in danger?

If you like reading suspense, Lisa Jackson is a great author to try. Tell Me is filled with false leads that keep you guessing and plenty of dangerous situations. You will never guess who the killer is – that is all I am saying...

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