While you wait for the next Stephanie Plum book

Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum series book, Takedown Twenty, is due to be published in November. While you wait, try Sophie Littlefield’s Stella Hardesty series. Stella is a middle-aged woman in Missouri who runs a sewing shop and is a vigilante on the side. She was abused by her now deceased husband and is an advocate for other abused women. She has romantic entanglements with Sheriff “Goat” Jones. Although the comedy is darker than in the Evanovich books, there are plenty of quirky characters and humorous situations in Littlefield’s fast-paced series. The latest book and fourth in the series is Bad Day for Mercy. Stella’s sister Gracellen asks Stella to check on her step-son Chip who has gambling debts and is now living in Wisconsin. Stella goes there and walks in on Chip, his Russian girlfriend, and a corpse. It looks bad, but Stella wants to believe their story that the man was already dead when they found him on their doorstep.

Each title in the series starts with “Bad Day”. Start with the first one, Bad Day for Sorry.



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