The Widow Waltz by Sally Koslow

The beach scene with the cute little dog in a sweater might make you think it is a light beach read. Take my word for it, The Widow Waltz by Sally Koslow is anything but. It is a story of a wife and two daughters trying to move on after the death of their husband and father. It is hard enough to lose a loved one, but what if you discover the loved one you are grieving was not the person you thought they were, and the life of luxury you have been living is all based on lies? Whether you have been widowed, divorced, are happily married or single, The Widow Waltz will speak to you on some level.

Georgia Waltz and her two daughters have been living a life of privilege and ignorant trusting bliss; a plush Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park, a beach house in the Hamptons, and valuable jewels and art. After Ben, Georgia's beloved husband of twenty plus years and the girl's father, dies of a heart attack while training for the New York City Marathon, their world comes crashing down. Georgia discovers her husband has been living a double life. All the money is gone, the trust funds for their daughters are gone, and he has drained their bank accounts and mortgaged their properties to the hilt. As she tries to find out where it all went, she discovers disturbing evidence of his "other life". Georgia and her daughters desperately try to make sense of what has happened to all of their money, while basically selling what little they have left to build a whole new lifestyle. They must find a way to invent themselves both financially and personally. Both girls, in their early twenties, are forced to grow up after their father's betrayal and take responsibility for creating their own futures. How the story all comes together at the end will take you by surprise.

There were times I almost put the book down, but then something else would be revealed and I had to keep reading. I don't mean to make the book sound sad and depressing because it really is not. The author uses dry humor throughout, especially when Georgia decides to start dating again. But, I found myself both liking and disliking the story as it progressed. So many secrets were revealed. All in all, I was really moved by the book. We all think this could happen to someone else but never to us. It makes one aware of how many lives change after a loved one dies.

Fans of Elizabeth Berg might enjoy this author as well.

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