Sandra Lee writes a novel set in Wisconsin

Food Network TV host Sandra Lee has written a novel set in New London, Wisconsin. The book includes recipes and is a good choice for fans of Sandra Lee or those who like to read Debbie Macomber. Lee lived in Onalaska, Wisconsin in her teens and graduated from high school there. Her grandmother Lorraine was a stabilizing influence on her life, and the grandmother in Lee’s novel The Recipe Box is also called Lorraine. The main character in the story is Grace, a divorced woman with a fourteen-year-old daughter named Emma. Grace and Emma recently moved to California from Chicago where Grace’s ex-husband Brian still lives. Grace’s high school friend Ken, a set designer in California, helped her get a job working on the set of a TV show. Grace, Ken, Brian, Leeza and Jonathan all were close friends at New London along with Von, Leeza’s cousin from Switzerland who spent a year at New London high school. Now Leeza is dying of breast cancer, and Emma is resentful and skipping school. Grace decides to go back to New London with Emma to help Leeza’s family. She stays with her mother, and they reconcile a problem from an old secret. I won’t give everything away, but in the end Grace, Ken, Emma, Brian and Lorraine find their own happiness.

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