A Pepin County Mystery

Lake of Tears is Mary Logue’s latest mystery set in Pepin County and featuring the character Claire Watkins. This is a good choice for people who like to read books with a Wisconsin connection, and people who like police procedural mysteries. The story is set in autumn as the local people are doing an annual ritual of constructing a Viking boat and setting it on fire. Claire is a deputy sheriff, and her daughter Meg will be going to college soon. At the burning boat ceremony, Meg meets a young man named Andrew who has returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, and they make plans to see each other again. Claire is not happy with this as Andrew is also a deputy sheriff, and she believes Andrew is too old and world-wise for Meg. But those are the least of her problems. The sheriff has a heart attack, and Claire becomes acting sheriff. Then human bones are found among the ashes of the boat, and they are identified as Tammy Lee, a former girlfriend of Andrew’s. Claire unravels the intertwined stories of Andrew, Tammy Lee, and what happened in Afghanistan with Andrew and two of his buddies in a suspenseful ending with a logical solution to the mystery. A small town mystery with sympathetic characters and enough twists to keep the story moving along.

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