Love comes in all sizes

Author Sugar Jamison proves that love does come in all sizes in her new paperback book titled Dangerous Curves Ahead. Not your typical chick lit, the heroine of this romance novel, Ellis Garrett, is a "plusher" girl who has learned to embrace the shape of her curvy body and doesn't let pants size dictate how she lives her life. Women everywhere should read this book and learn how to be loved for who they are and not who they think they should be, whether that is thinner, smarter, sexier or funnier.

It may read like a romantic comedy, but Dangerous Curves Ahead deals with serious issues like love, trust, and most important - acceptance of oneself. Ellis Garret leaves her successful lawyer career in Manhattan and her jerk of a boyfriend, and moves back to the small town of Durant where she grew up. Frustrated with having to always alter clothes to fit her larger size, she opens her own store cleverly called "Size Me Up". If you find clothing at her store that doesn't quite fit, Ellis will personally alter it to fit your body. Ellis loves her job and relishes in the fact that she is able to help women feel sexy and secure with their bodies. She believes her true calling is helping women with non-typical bodies find stylish, flattering clothing, and even started a blog to share her thoughts with the world.

Detective Michael Edwards is a handsome cop recently back from the mean streets of New York City now policing the small town of Durant. He bumps into Ellis one day at the local bakery and feels an instant attraction to her voluptuous figure and sassy tongue but doesn't understand why. But Ellis certainly remembers him. She has secretly had a crush on him since he dated her sister, Dina, four years ago. When he witnesses Ellis's horrible encounter with her ex-boyfriend's aunt in the bakery, he finds himself wanting to come to her rescue, but Ellis stands her ground and sends the woman on her way. Mike leaves the bakery that day still puzzled over where he knows Ellis from, and Ellis decides to let him figure it out on his own.

That bakery encounter is just the first of many in this hilarious and delightful little book. Mike has commitment issues and Ellis has trust issues, which makes for a long bumpy ride that is by no means filled with hearts and flowers. They will have to ride out the craziness of two loving but overbearing families with the return of an absent father, a jealous sister, a possessive ex, and most of all, the battle within themselves for love, trust, and self-worth. My favorite character was Walter, Ellis's father. He has Asperger's Syndrome and is obsessed with time - like how many exact minutes it takes for pizza delivery from the time the call is placed to the minute the doorbell rings. He loves Ellis but can only show it in his own unique ways, which really adds to the emotional appeal.

In Dangerous Curves Ahead, author Sugar Jamison does an excellent job of bringing to light how the insecurities people face affect their relationships and how fear can lead to missing out on something really great.

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