A modern-day fairy tale

Debbie Macomber has written another feel good novel with several happy endings that reminds me of a modern-day fairy tale. In Blossom Street Brides, several lives intertwine and connect as they face the trials and triumphs in their varying stages of life. All are connected in some way to that little yarn store on Blossom Street called A Good Yarn, first featured in the second of her Blossom Street novels. The characters eventually get to their happy endings, but it sure takes some time to get there.

The main characters in Blossom Street Brides are all dealing with very different situations. First, there are Bethanne and Max who are happily married but living in different states. The distance itself can be tough to deal with, but to make matters worse, Bethanne's ex-husband continues to go out of his way just to make life difficult for the couple - even using their children as pawns. Next, there is Lauren, who has been dating her "almost famous" boyfriend Todd for years and still doesn't have a ring. The day she decides to end their relationship she meets the most unexpected man. Sparks fly between them, proving opposites really do attract. And then we meet Elisa and Garry who are dealing with shocking news from their college daughter. She is following the one path they did not want for her, but, it is the same path their own life followed so what right do they have to try and change her mind? The last couple we meet are Lydia (who owns the yarn store) and Brad who are struggling with raising their adopted teenage daughter, Casey. She starts having terrible nightmares and won't tell them what they are about. Add in an aging mother with dementia and their troubles increase even more. This may seem like a lot of storylines to follow, but the author has a way of making her characters appear so real that their stories seem like catching up with old friends. She provides just enough of a back story with each situation so you easily tie them all together.

I haven't read a Debbie Macomber book in a while. I read Blossom Street Brides in one day. Once I started reading I remembered why I often recommend her books to library patrons. It was easy to get caught up in each of the characters' lives, and I found myself hoping things would work out for all of them. Macomber adds just enough humor to make for an enjoyable and fun read and, in her usual style, provides glimpses of continuing stories, hints of stories to come and, always, a community that rallies around each other through difficult times.

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