The next Gone Girl?

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is on the bestseller list and had much interest before it was published because it was described as the next Gone Girl. I found the book hard to put down once I started reading it. It is not exactly like Gone Girl in plot or characters, but if you enjoy suspenseful books with unreliable narrators, then you will like The Girl on the Train. Main character Rachel takes the train to London every day. Her life is in a downward spiral. She is divorced from Tom but still obsessed with him. She drinks heavily. She lost her job but still takes the train to keep up appearances with Cathy, the woman from whom she rents a room. The train goes past the house that she used to share with Tom, but now he lives there with his new wife, Anna. At the house four doors down is a couple that Rachel watches from the train and fantasized them as having a wonderful loving relationship. Then one day in July, Rachel sees the wife kissing another man. Rachel is angry and disappointed in her. The next night Rachel is in the same area and drinking heavily. She remembers nothing but finds out that the wife, Megan, has gone missing and that Megan's husband Scott is a suspect. Rachel gets involved by telling the police she knows Megan was having an affair, but Rachel is unreliable, not totally truthful, and comes off as a pathetic person. The book is mainly narrated by Rachel with some narration by Megan and Anna. The suspense builds as it is not clear who is telling the whole truth and what the truth really is and that will keep you turning the pages to the shocking ending.

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