Mothers and daughters--a story of a food blogger and her mother

Food blogger Sasha Martin set out to cook a dish from all 195 countries, but in the process she came to terms with her own difficult childhood and her beloved eccentric mother. Martin’s new book, Life from Scratch: a Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness, starts with her mother divorcing her husband after having three children and taking up with a man who had a leather shop. Her mother then met a charismatic hippie and had two children with him—Michael and Sasha. Sasha never knew her father, and he provided no support for his two children so Sasha’s mother took whatever seamstress jobs she could find. Sasha’s mother liked food and cooking, and this influenced Sasha. When Sasha was 10 years old, her mother sent Sasha and Michael to live with the Dumonts, a wealthy couple and friends of the family. Although the Dumonts provided financially for Michael and Sasha, they had not wanted to make a long-term commitment. Two years later Michael committed suicide. Sasha stayed with the Dumonts as they moved to Paris and then Luxembourg. Eventually Sasha attended the Culinary Institute of America, moved to Tulsa where she met her husband, and reconciled with her mother. This is a heartfelt memoir laced with interesting recipes. I intend to try the Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Bailey’s Buttercream. An uplifting book for anyone who likes memoirs or books about food.

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