The Liar by Nora Roberts

The Liar is the perfect title for the latest romantic suspense novel by Nora Roberts. Richard Foxworth, the man who swept Shelby Pomeroy off her feet and whisked her away from small town Tennessee to the most exclusive suburb of Philadelphia, fathered her child, and bathed her in luxury, was one of the biggest liars of all time. When he is declared missing at sea in the Atlantic Ocean, all of Richard's lies and deceitfulness are revealed and Shelby, and her three-year-old daughter, Callie, are left to pick up the pieces.

In the weeks after losing her husband, Shelby slowly discovers Richard was not the successful businessman she believed him to be, but, instead, a thief and a swindler who left her millions of dollars in debt. She is almost overwhelmed with the mass of deceit her husband's death reveals. But, Shelby is a fighter. With a young daughter to provide for, she sells off as much as she can, including their heavily mortgaged home, and heads home to Rendezvous Ridge, Tennessee, seeking the comfort of the family and friends she left behind, and determined to rebuild her future on her own terms. Working in her grandmother's beauty salon and spa, Shelby desperately tries to make sense of all that has happened, paying off debts as she can, and making a new life for herself and Callie. That new life also includes meeting handsome local contractor, Griffin Lott, who instantly falls for both Shelby and Callie. Afraid to trust again, Shelby slowly lets "Griff" into their lives and he lets her set the pace. His adorable, rambunctious puppy named Snickers helps win them over as well, and slowly the walls of distrust come down. Just when Shelby seems to be finding her footing, Richard's deceitful past follows her home and threatens the lives of those she loves and puts the entire town in danger.

To me, Shelby was a really likable character and showed amazing inner strength in the face of what I considered an almost insurmountable obstacle, and she did it with such class. I couldn't help but like and respect her. In many ways, The Liar is Shelby's story; her coming into her own over the course of the book and learning to believe in herself and her future was just as important as her love story with Griffin. The writing was excellent, and I liked the way Roberts described the small town in such vivid detail, full of colorful characters and everyday events, and good old fashioned southern community and style. The plot was not as suspenseful or thrilling as some of her previous books, but it was an enjoyable read overall.

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