Romance and suspense set in southwestern Wisconsin

Two senior citizens find love and danger in the driftless area around Soldiers Grove and Viroqua in Paul Zimmer’s novel The Mysteries of Soldiers Grove. This is a quick read with some humor, some serious points about growing old, and a happy ending. Told in alternate chapters by Cyril and Louise who both live at the assisted living center in Soldiers Grove. Cyril is alone in the world. He had a hard childhood with drunken parents and sought comfort in reading biographies in the encyclopedia. He loves to recite these biographies to people but often annoys or bores them. One snowy winter afternoon Cyril sneaks out to Burkhum’s Tap for a few Leinenkugels and then crosses the road to the gas station where he meets a hulking man in a furry balaclava. This man is a vicious criminal who abducts Cyril, takes his wallet, and dumps him in the snowstorm miles from town. Cyril barely survives, and when his story makes the news, an organization gives him $50,000 for bravery. Meanwhile, Louise has moved to the assisted living center after her husband died. She also is alone in the world. She was French and married her American soldier husband after World War II. Louise finds Cyril and his biographies amusing. A sweet romance grows, but the vicious criminal whom Cyril calls Balaclava comes back into his life which makes for a suspenseful but ultimately happy ending. This book is currently on the New Fiction shelf and just waiting for you to check it out.




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