Is Wisconsin a hotbed for crime?

Wisconsin is the setting for a number of crime novels lately. Here are 4 of them:

Mysteries of Soldiers Grove by Paul Zimmer

Two senior citizens find love and danger in the driftless area around Soldiers Grove and Viroqua. Main character Cyril is abducted by a vicious criminal who takes his wallet and dumps him miles from town during a snowstorm. Meanwhile, Louise has moved to the assisted living center where Cyril lives. A sweet romance grows, but the vicious criminal whom Cyril calls Balaclava comes back into his life which makes for a suspenseful but ultimately happy ending. Humor and some serious points about growing old.

A Winsome Murder by James DeVita

The body of Deborah Ellison was found near Winsome, Wis., her hometown even though she had left for Chicago years ago and only recently returned. Chicago cop James Mangan works on the case with local authorities. Mangan has quotes from Shakespeare that pop into his mind and help him solve cases. More young women are found murdered, and Mangan has to find the serial killer. Violent and disturbing so this is not a book for you if you only like to read cozy mysteries.

Benefit of the doubt by Neal C. Griffin

Ben Sawyer was a cop in California until he got carried away and killed a suspect. Now he is a cop in Newburg, a small town 45 miles west of Milwaukee. His father-in-law was the Newburg police chief but had a stroke. The rest of the police force does not accept him except for a Latina cop, Tia Suarez. Meanwhile convicted killer Harlan Lee has been paroled and is out for revenge with Ben’s family in his sights. The Newburg cops are corrupt and not helpful. This is very gritty, violent, and disturbing. The author is a former police officer who grew up in Wisconsin and was on the police force in California.

Death at Gills Rock by Patricia Skalka

Dave Cubiak, former park ranger, has now been elected sheriff in Door County. Three elderly WWII vets are found dead in what appears to be an accident due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Then a house of one of the victims is vandalized. Could they have been killed? Cubiak puts the pieces of the puzzle together in an enjoyable mystery set in Door County. The second in the series following Death Stalks Door County.







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