The Santangelos by Jackie Collins

What a wild ride! Author Jackie Collins is an expert at creating a perfect blend of sex, ambition, drugs, alcohol, mayhem and murder, and she delivers exactly that in her latest novel, The Santangelos. The characters are strongly developed with lots of flaws and faults (and scandals). Collins is known for giving her readers an unrivaled insider's knowledge of Hollywood and the glamorous lives and loves of the rich, famous, and... infamous!

The storyline is taken right from the pages of Hollywood and the characters seem eerily similar to the high-profile VIPs we hear about in the tabloids. At this point in her life, ever powerful Lucky Santangelo appears to have it all, with a successful chain of hospitality multi-star hotels, and a successful, gorgeous movie-maker husband, Lennie. Her daughter, Max, is an up and coming model who is currently trying her luck in London. But, with power and fame come enemies, and Lucky and her family members have amassed quite a few. Lucky's good life is turned upside down when her son Bobby, the owner of the most happening chain of night clubs in and around Los Angeles is arrested for a murder he did not commit, and her beloved father, Gino, is brutally gunned down near his Palm Springs home. No one messes with the Santangelo family and gets away with it. Lucky gets into action to find the killer and seeks to avenge the death of her father. As in all Jackie Collins' Lucky books, there are lots of sex scenes, opulent homes, behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories, fabulous clothes, great parties, drugs, really bad guys, violence and loyalty. There are numerous characters and side stories throughout the book and references to friends and family from past books in the series so it is easy to keep track of them all. I have been a Jackie Collins fan since reading Chances back in 1981, her first novel introducing the Santangelo family. Jackie's novels have an addictive quality to them. They are fast paced, with each chapter following a different character and setting the scene for what is to come, leading to a dramatic finale, of course.

Just a warning, The Santangelos has more than its fair share of explicit language, violence, and sex. You either love or hate her writing but she must be doing something right. Jackie Collins is the author of thirty New York Times bestselling novels. More than 500 million of her books have sold in more than forty countries.


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