All ages invited to flash mob to 'Thriller'

UPDATE: Due to the inclement weather on Halloween, the flash mob is rescheduled for Saturday, Nov 7. Meet with choreographer Julie Wilson at her studio, Shut Up and Dance, 17 Forest Ave., at 11 am. Flash mob downtown at 11:30, then mob the library at noon.

Flash mobbers should come dressed in their zombie worst and made up to look their undead-iest.

The flash mob is part of Fond du Lac Reads celebration during October of the horror classic, “Dracula,” by Bram Stoker. Full list of FDL Reads events.

Watch: Video of last year's flash mob on our Facebook page.



flash mob video

Julie Wilson mentioned that FDL library site has the video from last years flash mob.

Where to find on the site ?

Video link added

Yes - great idea. We've added the Facebook link to 2014's flash mob. Enjoy!

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