Can a basketball star write a story about Sherlock Holmes’s older brother?

Yes. Former NBA star (and former Milwaukee Bucks player) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and screen writer Anna Waterhouse have written Mycroft Holmes. This book is a good choice for people who like Sherlock Holmes stories and who like action as well as deduction with their mysteries. The story is set around 1870 in London and Trinidad. Mycroft is a handsome and very intelligent young man who works in the British War Office and is engaged to Georgiana, a young woman whose family owns a sugar plantation in Trinidad. Mycroft’s friend is Cyrus Douglas, a black man from Trinidad who owns Mycroft’s favorite tobacco shop in London. They hear of children in Trinidad being lured and killed by the douen (demons) and lougarou (werewolves). Both Cyrus and Georgiana are horrified, and both want to go back to Trinidad. Mycroft convinces his boss that the situation in Trinidad is becoming unstable so that he can also go there to investigate. Cyrus and Mycroft are on the same ship to Trinidad, but Georgiana is nowhere to be found on board. Cyrus and Mycroft are attacked and poisoned while on the ship, and the attacks and suspicious incidents continue once they land in Trinidad. Who is creating the horrific atmosphere in Trinidad? Who is behind the attacks on Mycroft and Cyrus? Where is Georgina, and what role does she play in the situation? Can Mycroft and Cyrus solve the mystery in Trinidad, or will they become victims too? The answers to these questions are in the book.

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