Madam President by Nicolle Wallace

Madam President by Nicolle Wallace is the perfect book for those who never miss an episode of the ever popular ABC television series Scandal. Filled with strong women characters, it follows Charlotte Kramer, the forty-fifth president of the United States, as she faces a day of five major terrorist attacks on the US. Mix in a little behind the scenes underhanded goings on, and you won't want to put this one down.

After I finished the book and did a little research, I was surprised to discover that Madam President is actually the third book in Wallace's White House series, after Eighteen Acres, and It's Classified. It reads just fine as a standalone, with plenty of references to events from the previous two novels. The book centers primarily on the twenty-four hours surrounding five terrorist attacks on the US. The author gives us a realistic look at both politics and grief in the midst of devastating events. Unfortunately, the attacks occurred while twenty aggressive news crews were shadowing the president and her senior staff in the White House, making it difficult to keep any secrets from being exposed. With no time to waste, President Kramer must put her personal feelings aside and rise to the occasion. She reassures the country that, as their president, she will identify the perpetrators of the attacks and bring them to justice, with the help of her senior staff, secretary of defense, Melanie, and her press secretary, Dale (who just happens to be her husband's former mistress). That is only one of the behind the scenes scandals in the book. The story is intense and moves along quickly, but has just enough real life drama to help you identify with the characters. Imagine, as president, being responsible for securing our nation, all while dealing with the personal fallout of her husband's past love affair and loss of a close colleague in the attacks. Not normally something I would read, but this one definitely caught my attention.

I would recommend Madam President for readers who like political behind the scenes narratives, mixed with interpersonal relationships and political intrigue.


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