Resolve to learn something new in the New Year

Although I usually read fiction, I enjoy a nonfiction book now and then. One book that I found enjoyable and educational was Wisconsin Agriculture: a History by Jerry Apps. This illustrated book is very readable yet informative and covers geology, history, and current issues in Wisconsin agriculture. It’s not just about cows and cheese since Wisconsin was a wheat growing state before being the dairy state and also has cranberries, ginseng, sweet corn, peas, beans, cherries, honey, sphagnum moss, maple syrup, apples, and potatoes. Our nonfiction books are located on the second floor and are arranged by their Dewey number which puts books on similar subjects together. If you are not interested in agricultural history, we have books on personal finance (332.024), physical fitness (613.7), cookbooks (641), parenting (649), drawing (741), sports (796), U.S. history (973)—just to list a few of the subjects that you can find in the nonfiction books on the second floor. So, how about making a resolution to learn something new in the New Year by reading a nonfiction book?

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