When it’s Right by Jennifer Ryan

Don't let the picture of the hunky cowboy on the cover fool you. When it's Right by Jennifer Ryan has a storyline with real substance. There is romance, of course, but the story line touches on serious subjects like domestic abuse, addiction to drugs and the effects it has on children who live through it. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a story where the underdog finally gets all that they deserve.

Escaping a horrific childhood in San Francisco that ends in death and tragedy, heroine Gillian Tucker makes her way to her grandfather's Three Peaks Ranch in Montana to start a new life. She is not alone. Her five year old little brother, Justin, is also with her. Merely twenty years old herself, Gillian has cared for and protected Justin since she was fourteen years old. Years of neglect and abuse from their father has come to a tragic end, leaving Gillian to heal her broken body (and spirit) after being pushed out of a second story window by her father - the last act of violence he will ever perform. The only way social services will allow her to keep Justin is if she travels to her grandfather's Montana horse ranch to recover. When Gillian and Justin arrive at the ranch Justin is sound asleep in the truck. Her grandfather waits anxiously on the front porch of the sprawling ranch house for her arrival and has no idea Justin exists. Gillian is anxious as well. She is meeting her grandfather for the first time. Waiting on the front porch to greet her, along with her grandfather, is his business partner, Blake Bowden. There is an instant connection between Blake and Gillian. Because of all the abuse she has suffered Gillian finds it hard to trust anyone, especially not the handsome Blake Bowden. But Blake is determined to help Gillian feel safe again. Gillian's road to recovery is a long one. She's recovering from both the physical and psychological effects of long-term abuse, and while her grandfather's ranch is nothing but a loving environment, Gillian isn't used to love. She is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. My favorite part of the book was when Gillian identifies with an abused horse named Boots, who her father recently rescued. No one has been able to approach the horse because he seems to have lost all trust in humans - just like Gillian. It was as if they both could sense the need in each other. To earn her keep at the ranch Gillian agrees to work with Boots and see if she can get him to trust again. The romantic journey of Gillian and Blake is inspiring, and you can't help but want them to end up together. When it's Right by Jennifer Ryan is quite a big story contained in one little paperback book. The hunky cowboy on the cover is just an added bonus.


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