Preschoolers' art in gallery in March

Preschoolers tend to be imaginative, carefree and creative. So it’s no surprise that their artwork is just as fun. An exhibit dedicated to their work will be on display at the Fond du Lac Public Library Langdon Divers Gallery March 2 to April 5. The children, under the instruction of local artist Colleen Chertos, helped build the display’s showpiece: a dress made with thousands of colorful beads.

The library’s gallery is a showcase for local and regional artists. The space is curated by volunteer artist Mel Kolstad, who can be contacted at [email protected].

In the photo: Wearing some of their artistic creations are contributors to the Preschool Art Exhibit at the Fond du Lac Public Library, from left, Julian Martinez, McKenna Ott, Miah Rosiere, Octavia Coffey and, below, Ava Newman. 

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