What happened to the daughter from Not Without My Daughter?

In the new book, My Name Is Mahtob by Mahtob Mahmoody, the daughter from the bestselling book and movie Not Without My Daughter tells about her life—what she remembers of her escape from Iran, developing lupus as a teen, her strong relationship with her mother, her feelings about her father, her ongoing fear that her father would come back into her life, and her Christian faith. In August 1984 as Mahtob was turning 5 years old, her increasingly abusive father took her and her mother to his home country of Iran for what was supposed to be a 2 week vacation to visit his family. He kept them there against their will for 1 ½ harrowing years as they faced his anger and danger from the Iraqi bombing. Mahtob and her mother were able to escape and settled in Michigan where her mother wrote the bestselling book about their ordeal, Not Without My Daughter. Now Mahtob has her own say and brings the reader up-to-date with her life. Readers who read Not Without My Daughter as well as readers who like stories of Christian faith will be interested in My Name Is Mahtob.

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