FDLPL Endowment Fund


To encourage gifts and bequests that will enhance and expand library services beyond the limits of municipal funding.

The Fond du Lac Public Library is supported by funding from the City of Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County and private donations. Since 1850, private donors have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars toward collections, children’s programming, special equipment, furnishings and more.

By state law, the volunteer members of the Fond du Lac Public Library Board of Directors have complete control over the endowment fund.

To ensure continual growth, just a portion of the fund’s earnings will be spent each year.

Endowment Fund expenditures are targeted for special projects, programs and equipment that supplement or enhance - but not replace - regular municipal operating and capital improvement appropriations.


  • Cash, securities or real property
  • A bequest (in a will) to the Fond du Lac Public Library
  • A gift of life insurance
  • A charitable remainder or living trust from which you or another beneficiary may receive income during a defined period of time (or a lifetime) with a provision that the trust assets become the property of the library thereafter


A gift to the endowment fund may provide substantial tax savings to the donor (please consult an attorney or accountant):

  • Savings in income taxes by current gifts of cash or property
  • Savings in inheritance and gift taxes by testamentary trusts or gifts of living trusts
  • Savings in capital gains tax when gifts of appreciated securities or other property are donated directly to the library


  • Donations to an endowment (the principal must remain intact and only the income may be spent) are accepted gladly.
  • Undesignated gifts enable the Library Board to use the endowment funds in the manner most beneficial to current and long-term needs.

Note: The Endowment Fund is one of several Fond du Lac Foundation-administered funds that benefit the Fond du Lac Public Library

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