Flavors of the World 2018

Take a tasty world tour with the 2018 Flavors of the World monthly series. Every third Tuesday of the month, local and regional foodies and experts will focus on a spice, flavor or herb (or two), tell their stories and demonstrate and share recipes in the Idea Studio. Some Flavors programs have handouts available:

Jan 16: Vanilla & Saffron, presented by Nathan Villa
Feb 20: Cinnamon, presented by Nathan Villa
Mar 20: Chocolate, presented by Gabriela Langholff
Apr 17: Coffee, presented by Josh Cowles
May 15: Oregano, presented by Pedro Arellano
Jun 19: Coriander/cilantro, presented by Anoush Cowles
Jul 17: Basil, presented by Kay Bastian
Aug 21: MSG, presented by Jon Mark Bolthouse
Sep 18: Mustard, presented by Barry Levenson
Oct 16: Sage, presented by Pedro Arellano
Nov 20: Curry powder & Garam masala, presented by Varsha Pathare
Dec 18: Soy sauce, presented by Dusty Krikau

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