Scrabble Bee

What is the Scrabble Bee?
Teams of up to four people play Scrabble (with a twist) for fun and prizes.

Where and when?
Thursday, November 5, at Moraine Park Technical College, 235 N National Ave, FDL. Registration & free pizza 5-6 pm; game starts at 6 pm.

How does it work?

  • Teams work together to get the most number of points in two rounds (20-min & 15-min).
  • Prizes go to the two highest-scoring teams in each level.
  • Each team gets a regulation Scrabble board & bag of 100 tiles. Standard Scrabble rules apply.
  • Each team gets a starting word at the beginning of each round. The starting word must be placed on the board with the first letter on the center square.
  • The twist: In round 2, 10 tiles will be removed at random from each team. Tiles can be purchased back for $2 per tile.
  • Also: Using the name of a Scrabble Bee sponsor is allowed (even though it's a proper noun), and you'll get 50 extra points. Sponsor names will be provided at the event.
  • The official dictionaries for the game are 5th Edition Scrabble Players Dictionary (for words up to seven letters long) and Merriam-Webster's 11th Edition Collegiate Dictionary (for words eight letters and longer).
  • Teams are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the complete scoring rules

What does it cost?
Each team must pledge a minimum of $50.

How do I sign up?
Print, fill out & return this form.

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