Scrabble Bee 2014 Rules of Play

  • A team consists of up to four players. Each team plays one 20-minute round and one 15-minute round of SCRABBLE® with an intermission between the two rounds. Teams start with all 100 tiles facing up. The total number of points accumulated during a round is the team score for that round. The sum of the scores of both rounds is the team score for the evening. The team with the highest total for the evening wins.
  • Two dictionaries will be used during the game (and will be available up to two times per round per team): 4th Edition Scrabble Players Dictionary (for words up to seven letters long) and Merriam-Webster’s 10th Edition Collegiate Dictionary (for words eight letters and longer). No bonus points are given for words seven letters long and longer.
  • You can build on words (example: turning low into glowing), but only the final word will be counted.
  • You can build off of the starting word. The first letter of the starting word must be on the center tile. The word will be given its full point value and counted as a double word score.
  • Blank tiles on double or triple spaces are still worth 0. But if it’s on a double or triple word square the word is doubled or tripled.
  • Double and triple letter scores are counted first. Then the word value is doubled or tripled.
  • If more than one premium word square is covered by the same word, all squares are multiplied. For example, if a single word covers a double and triple word square, the point value of the word is multiplied by 6.
  • Any premium square would be counted as many times as it is used.
  • If you use the name of a sponsor, you'll get an extra 50 points. Sponsor names are provided in the team packet.
  • Words that cannot be used:
  1. No words that are always capitalized
  2. No proper nouns (place names, individual names) except sponsor names
  3. No abbreviations
  4. No prefixes or suffixes standing alone
  5. No words requiring a hyphen or apostrophe

During the round, each team must record played words on the score sheet provided. 

Completed score sheets will be submitted for verification at the end of each round. Judges will disallow words that cannot be used (see above). The penalty for submitting a misspelled or illegal word is removal of the word and a deduction of points equal to the point value of the word (including any double or triple letter or word squares).

Note: At the start of round two, 10 of tiles selected at random will be taken away from each team. Each team has the option of buying specific tiles back at $2 per tile.


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